Dust Mop Use Guide

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You have chosen the most comfortable and effective dust mop handle available on the market today.  Below are some key points to help you become familiar with The Smart Handle Pro™ Dust Mop's use and proper operation.

Ribbed Vinyl Grip: This top handle grip is made of ribbed vinyl, and can be held in either hand.

Ergonomic Bend: This design is used on our "push-pull" and "forward movement" operating handles.

Foam Grip: Provides a comfortable hand placement.  Also helps to increase blood flow to the fingers.

Adjustable Shaft: Adjustable per the operator's height requirement.  With a simple "push of the pins" you can extend or retract the shaft.  Click here to go to the Push Pin Use page.


Photo of The Smart Handle Pro™ Dust Mop Handle, with 12" x 5" bonnet and frame not included in purchase of handle.


To print the instructions on their own page: Right click the upper left corner of the box below.  Drag your mouse over the entire box.  Click "File", select "Print" and click the "Selection" box in your print screen.  This will print the operating instructions in full, on their own page.

How to operate The Smart Handle Proä Dust Mop:
Step 1:

Adjust the height of the handle...

a.  by stepping on the dust mop head to steady the handle.

b.  Raise or lower the handle to the desired height.

Note: Optimal height places the handle at waist-level operation.

Step 2:

Stand upright and gently grasp the vinyl grip.  This position controls the forward movement of the handle. 

Step 3:

Place your other hand at the foam bend.  This position controls the maneuverability of the handle.

Step 4:

Maintain waist-level operation for optimal comfort and control.

You will find The Smart Handle Pro™ Dust Mop very easy to use.  Slight pressure at the foam bend easily maneuvers the dust mop head around and under objects.

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