Ergonauts Lobby Dust Pan Set Evaluation

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Company: Delta Industries


Name of product: Smart Handle Pro™ Lobby Dust Pan SetLobby Dust Pan Set.jpg (68135 bytes)


Product evaluation number: #022


Date of evaluation: December 14, 2002


Product materials (according to manufacturer):

Aluminum shaft with wall thickness .045 inches, handle ribbed vinyl, pan and broom cap of heavy plastic, fine bristle broom.


Type of product: Broom and Dust Pan


Description of product:

Product is designed to function as a broom and dust pan while providing a secure grip that places the hand in neutral position, which results in increased applied force. The handle length is designed to keep the user in the upright position. The broom shaft is attached to the dustpan handle shaft by a broom clip, so that the 2 are always located together. The dustpan can be retrieved without stooping or bending and the pan swivels from a position of being parallel to the handle shaft to a position of being perpendicular to the shaft. It can be locked in the perpendicular position for dumping trash and carrying. In this position the apparatus stands alone and requires no other support.


Instrumentation used in evaluation:

Starrett Model 120A 0-6" Dial Calipers, Cal Date 01/10/02

Chatillon CSD 100 S/N D 35542 Dynamometer, Cal Date 03/15/02

Standard metal tape measure, English units



Pan Handle:

Diameter 1.180 inches

Length 4.395 inches


Length 32 inches

Weight: 3 pounds


Broom Handle:

Diameter 1.19 inches

Length 4.356 inches


Length 32.25 inches

Weight: 1 pound


Total Weight: 4 pounds


Force required to separate broom from pan: 10 pounds force



All measurements fall within the anatomical range and strength capabilities of the anthropometric data for the U.S. Industrial Population from the 5th percentile female to the 95th percentile male.



The aluminum handle is a lighter weight material than wood or plastic, and the rigidity of the metal provides for a more efficient transfer of force to the desired target. Due to the extended handle length, the user is able to maintain an upright posture, which is inherently more stable than a stooped or bent posture. Remaining upright, rather than bending, decreases the stress to the spine, both in the lumbar area and in the neck area by preventing the neck extension required to see the task while in a bent posture. This allows the user better concentration and visual acuity. By keeping the user’s hand in neutral position, the extrinsic muscles of the hand are used more than the intrinsic muscles of the hand, which decreases the stress on the carpal tunnel. Keeping the hand and wrist in the neutral position also decreases the stress on other components of the wrist such as the carpometacarpal joints, the trifibrocartilage complex and the first compartment complex (involved in De Quervain’s tenosynovitis.) Also, with the hands and wrists in neutral position, both ulnar and radial deviation is eliminated, which eliminates arthritis pain. By keeping the work close to the center of gravity, the reach envelope is diminished, which decreases the strain

on the shoulders and lower back. By design, the broom and dustpan stay together, which improves efficiency, as one does not need to search for the "other half" of the pair, nor does one need to bend over to pick up the dustpan from the floor. The leading edge of the dustpan is beveled and closely applied to the floor surface when in use. This allows an efficient sweep of debris with fewer strokes required to complete the collection of debris.


Does product have Ergonaut approval?

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Michael C. Gladden, EdD, CPE, CEM

Steve Davis, CEM



This evaluation entitles Delta Industries International, Inc. to use the Ergonauts Official Seal of Approval™. This privilege expires on 12/31/05.