Flo-Thru Handle Use Guide

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You have chosen the perfect tool for cleaning outdoor floor surfaces with water.  Attach The Smart Handle Pro™ Flo-Thru Handle to a hose and a flo-thru brush to clean decks, walkways, driveways, patios, and so much more.  The handle is designed to keep the user in a comfortable upright position and increase leverage with less effort.  Below are some key points to help you become familiar with The Smart Handle Pro™ Flo-Thru Handle's use and proper operation.

Double Foam Grips: A soft foam grip at each hand placement provides a comfortable grip that helps to increase blood flow to the fingers.

Upper Ergonomic Bend: Control the "push-pull" motion from this bend.

Lower Ergonomic Bend: Allows the user to increase leverage by applying slight pressure at this bend.

Flo-Thru Thread: Available with either Brass Fine Thread or Metal Standard Thread to attach to the desired flo-thru brush head.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to determine the thread you need.

Photo of The Smart Handle Pro™ Flo-Thru Handle, with a flo-thru deck brush not included in purchase of handle.

To print the instructions on their own page: Right click the upper left corner of the box below.  Drag your mouse over the entire box.  Click "File", select "Print" and click the "Selection" box in your print screen.  This will print the operating instructions in full, on their own page.

How to operate The Smart Handle Proä Flo-Thru Handle:

Step 1:

Attach to the desired flo-thru brush.

Step 2:

Attach to a garden hose.

Step 3:

Stand upright and gently grasp the vinyl grip.  This position controls the forward movement of the handle.

Step 4:

Place your other hand at the foam bend.  Apply pressure at this position to increase leverage.

Step 5:

Maintain waist-level operation for optimal comfort and control.

The Smart Handle Pro™ Flo-Thru Handle is used to clean decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways and other outdoor hard-surfaces where water enhances cleaning.

It is not recommended to use this handle on surfaces "floor-edge and up".  To clean those surfaces, use The Smart Handle Pro™ Scrub-All Flo-Thru Handle.



How to determine the thread you need:

Brass Fine Thread

A tight, thin thread pattern.  Most often used for auto brushes.  Contains 8 thread-ridges.

Metal Standard Thread

A spaced, thick thread pattern.  Most commonly used thread pattern.  Contains 5 thread-ridges.


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