Smart Handle Pro™ Invention

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The invention of The Smart Handle Pro™ came about in a very interesting way...

Blyth Biggs, owner and operator of a carpet cleaning and maintenance company in Lake Tahoe, California worked extensively in the janitorial field.  One of his largest accounts was a small retail shopping mall in Tahoe City, California called The Boatworks Mall.  One day while mopping a large area of the mall with a standard aluminum mop, the mop bent in his hands.  Time constraints prohibited Blyth from obtaining a replacement mop in time, to have the mall open for business for the day, so he was forced to continue mopping with the bent handle.   Much to his surprise, Blyth found this new "angle" actually made the mop easier to operate.  Knowing that other janitorial and maintenance workers would appreciate a new-and-improved mop design, Blyth set out to design a more comfortable and effective mop.

Discouraged with the limited reach of standard mops, Blyth's new mop was incorporated with an extendible shaft.  With a simple "push of the pins" the user could increase the shaft an additional 12"!  This added length increased the reach of the mop incredibly.

After years of enduring the blisters and wrist pain that comes with trying to maneuver standard mops around large areas, Blyth knew that a swivel handle was needed on his new mop.  Blyth could not quite perfect this attribute, so he approached his brother Brenden, who is an engineer.  Brenden created an extremely durable, easy to assemble, and completely free spinning handle.Ribbon Small.jpg (18520 bytes)

Together, the brothers perfected what was named the Ergo Swivel Mop™.  They secured an investor and formed Biggs Corporation to manufacture the new handle.   Everyone was ecstatic when the Ergo Swivel Mop™ won Best New Product at the 1998 Northeast Foodservice & Lodging Expo in Boston!

Five years of manufacturing and operation brought many successes in the Jan/San field.  An entire ergonomic product line was invented that provided comfortable handles to push brooms, dust mops, lobby dust pans, scrub-all tools and even plungers.  The handles are being used at airports, amusements parks, hotels, hospitals, etc...

In 2002, Delta Industries and Biggs Corporation formed a strategic partnership to bring ergonomic maintenance tools to the consumer market.

In September 2003, Delta Industries acquired Biggs Corporation and moved manufacturing to their Allentown, Pennsylvania location where they now manufacture the ergonomic products under The Smart Handle Pro™ name. 


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