Lobby Dust Pan Set Use Guide

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You have chosen the most comfortable and lightweight lobby dust pan set on the market today.  Below are some key points to help you become familiar with The Smart Handle Pro™ Lobby Dust Pan Set's use and proper operation.

Ribbed Vinyl Grips: Both the ergonomic lobby handle and the lobby broom handle grips are made of ribbed vinyl, and can be held in either hand.

Ergonomic Bend: The lobby pan handle is ergonomically designed for "straight-pull" operation.  The design also allows the handle to hang onto utility carts.

Broom Clip: Helps keep the set intact. 

Locking Yoke: The locking yoke on the lobby pan allows the pan to lock in place to empty, or store upright.


To print the instructions on their own page: Right click the upper left corner of the box below.  Drag your mouse over the entire box.  Click "File", select "Print" and click the "Selection" box in your print screen.  This will print the operating instructions in full, on their own page.

How to operate The Smart Handle Proä Lobby Dust Pan Set:
Step 1:

Gently grasp the vinyl grips.

Step 2:

Pull the lobby broom handle away from the broom clip.

Step 3:

Apply downward pressure to the lobby handle to unlock the yoke.

Step 4:

Sweep the debris into the lobby pan.

Step 5:

Lock the yoke by returning the lobby pan handle to an upright position.

Step 6:

Stand upright and carry the lobby handle at the grip.  Keep your wrist as straight as possible.

Step 7:

Empty the pan with the yoke locked to control debris.

Step 8:

When the job is done, hang the set on a utility cart, or...

Step 9:

Store it standing upright in a corner.

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